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Route from Onomichi (Sera IC)

Onomichi / Matsue line via Sera IC Route. It’s 12 kilometers from Sera IC to Sera Kogen, which takes about 30 minutes. Be advised that there are no convenience stores or gas stations on the way. *Expect traffic congestions during GW. Please plan accordingly.

Get off from Sera IC, turn right and head northward

At the intersection after getting of SERA IC, head to Kozan bypass / As the road will hit National Highway 432, please make a right.

Make a left at the Ogusa intersection

Keep going straight for about 1 kilometer (about 0.6 mile), make a left at Ogusa intersection. It might be a little confusing since there will not be any signs indicating what’s on the left.

There will be a map on the left hand side just before the intersection.

Prefectural road Route 56 (to Yamadagawa dam direction) from County Road 51 Route

Turn left at Ogusa intersection to join prefectural road route 51. Head to Sanwa/Yasuda (Yamadagawa dam) at the three-forked road

Drive for 5 minutes and there will be the entrance to Sera Kogen park on the left hand side.

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