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Route from Sanyo way (Hiroshima)

Route from Sanyo way (Hiroshima)

Route from Onomichi (Sera IC) | Route from Miyoshi / Shobara Matsue

Kawauchi IC via Sanyo expressway route that will take about 50 minutes. Even though the route is easier with only two right turns, there are several intersections on the road which might be confusing. There are also intersections without traffic lights. Please be careful not to overspeed. There is one convenience store on the way.

From Kawachi IC to Hiroshima Chuo Flight Road

From Kawauchi IC to Hiroshima Airport. Join the Hiroshima Chuo Flight Road (Prefectural road route no. 49 line) along the airport runway on the right.

After reaching the end of Flight Road, get on to no. 486.

The Flight Road will end. Keep on going to no. 49.

Go straight on Mihara city Taiwa Machi signal

Go straight on the signal near a small supermarket

Go past the Seven Eleven convenience store and turn right at Daiwa industrial complex towards Fruits Road.

Make a right at the signal past Seven Eleven convenience store. There will be only two right-turns in this entire route. Afterwards, just go straight.

Keep going straight on Fruits Road

There is an intersection of no. 409 line, no. 432 line, no. 52 line. Please watch your speed on the mountain road. There is also a number of tourist farms that can be found on the road.

Turn left at prefectural road route no. 56

Make two right turns at this route. Keep going straight afterwards.

Go straight at the intersection with prefectural road route 184

The road is often congested. Please be extra careful as there are no traffic lights.

Drive for 5 minutes and Sera Kogen farm will be on the right hand side.

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