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About the use of facilities

About the use of facilities

To customers with small children

A nursing room and diaper changing sheets are available (located next to the toilet next to the Aozora restaurant).

To customers with disabilities

e have (10) wheelchairs, and accessible toilets available.

To customers with pets

You may enter the park with your pet. (Please refrain from bringing them with you inside the restaurant and shop.) Please observe proper etiquette such as using a leash.

To customers arriving in a bicycle

There is a cycle stand available. Moreover, feel free to use the vending machine and portable toilet located in the parking lot.


Souvenir shop Nagomi

You can find miscellaneous goods with the image of moss phlox and nemophila, original products from Hana Yume no Sato, and special products from Sera Town.

You can also enjoy soft serve ice cream and drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. On weekends, a handcraft activity corner where you can enjoy a wide range of things is opened.

Aozora Restaurant

You can enjoy Hana Yume no Sato’s specialty, the “Sakura Udon”. Have a relaxing time as you feel the large skies and mountains of Sera from the restaurant’s terrace seats.

Restrooms, Nursing Rooms, Diaper Changing Sheets

It is designed to have a Japanese inspiration and to fit into the scenery. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms are also available.ます。

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