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Regarding using the facilities

For guests with children

Strollers (B-type 10 available), nursing room (Flower cafe), and diaper changing sheets (inside central restroom) are available. There are also chairs as well as cutlery for children available inside the park’s restaurants and the Flower cafe. During Summer and Fall seasons, the park prepares a special kids’ corner inside the Flower cafe.

For guests with disabilities

Wheelchairs (10 total) can be rented free of charge near the entrance and exit. (No reservations are possible and availability is on a first-come, first-served basis). We also have a toilet facility for physically-challenged individuals (the central toilet in the park). All of the main passages in the park are paved.

Guests with pets

Only restaurants with terrace seats can bring pets. Pets are not allowed in other restaurants and in the store.

Regarding the use of the nursing rooms/diaper changing sheets/changing room

We have 1 nursing room and 1 diaper changing sheet in the flower cafe, as well as 1 nursing room and 1 diaper changing sheet next to the central toilet. The size of a room is roughly 3.8㎡. Please speak to the staff of the Flower Cafe or the Forest Shop if you would like to use one.

These can also be used as changing rooms if you make a reservation in advance. Please make your reservation using the online form ( or by phone.If they are not in use, the rooms can be used without prior reservation.

Regarding the use of the changing room

Price: 250 yen for 30 minutes
Available hours: 9:00 to 17:00

Precautions for use

  • Please ask the Forest Shop staff to use the room. When you do this, please sign the Use Application Form.
  • Please refrain from eating, smoking, using anything that might catch fire, or bringing pets (except for service dogs) into the changing room.
  • The security of the changing room is the responsibility of the customer using it, so please be careful to lock the door when you leave it, and not to leave any valuables such as money behind.
  • Please take your garbage home with you.
  • Since the changing room is located next to the nursing room, please be considerate of other customers. Please return the key to the Forest Shop after use.
  • A lost key will incur an additional charge of 1,000 yen.
  • Please note that reservations may be refused during busy periods such as Golden Week and Obon.
  • Regardless of the reason, if 30 minutes have passed from the time of a reservation, other customers will be given priority for use.

Shop introduction

*The following facilities will not be available for use due to venue changes, only for the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival. Please check the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Festival page for details on available facilities.

Forest shop

We sell sweets and cookies that are perfect as souvenirs.

There are trial classes during the Summer, as well as drawing classes on Japanese wind-chimes.
During Fall, there will be photo galleries and exhibitions. (The produce will be sold in the Flower shop)

【business hours】9:00-17:00

Flower shop

Gardening supplies and vases that are designed with different flowers as motifs such as tulips during Spring, sunflowers in the Summer, and dahlia in the Fall are available for sale. Rare tulip planters will be on sale during Spring and corn and watermelon during Summer.Quality foodstuffs such as fresh eggs, delicious soy sauce, and aromatic tea are available.

【business hours】9:00-17:00

The stalls next to the shop have planters featuring rare varieties of tulips for sale in the spring, corn direct from the farm for sale in summer, and garden mum planters for sale in the fall.

Farm restaurant

At the forest terrace, guests can enjoy quality barbeques as well as simple dishes like udon noodles.

【business hours】
Farm restaurant(dining)
weekday10:00~15:30(Last order15:00)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays10:00~16:00(Last order15:30)

Shop next to the farm restaurant(dining)

Flower cafe

You can enjoy some herbal tea while looking at the fields of flowers. We also sell herbal tea leaves and miscellaneous fragrant goods. You can also experience some handmade items, such as pressed flower straps.

【business hours】9:00-17:00(Last order16:30)

Sera Kogen Farm Co., Ltd.