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Route from Sanyo way (Hiroshima)

Route from Sanyo way (Hiroshima)

Route from Onomichi (Sera IC) | Route from Miyoshi / Shobara / Matsue

This is the route from Sanyo Expressway Kochi IC. It takes about 40 minutes via Fruit Road and Fureai Road. Some intersections have no traffic lights. Please note that the route with gentler slopes and curves makes it easier to drive faster.

From Kochi IC to Hiroshima Chuo Flight Road

From Kawauchi IC to Hiroshima Airport. Join the Hiroshima Chuo Flight Road (Prefectural road route no. 49 line) along the airport runway on the right.

After reaching the end of Flight Road, get on to no. 486.

The Flight Road will end. Keep on going to no. 49.

Go past the Seven Eleven convenience store and turn right at Daiwa industrial complex towards Fruits Road.

Make a right at the signal past Seven Eleven convenience store.

Turn left on the intersection at Fureai Road.

After turning left, go straight for about 7km. You will pass by Sera Green Park Korakuen.

Turn right at the intersection on Route 45

This is the way to Miyoshi. Once you’ve arrived here, it will only be a little more til you arrive at the destination.。

After about 2 minutes, turn left and you will arrive at the Flower village Hana Yume no Sato.

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