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Route from Miyoshi / Shobara / Matsue

Route from Miyoshi / Shobara / Matsue

Route from Sanyo way (Hiroshima) | Route from Onomichi (Sera IC)

尾道・松江道 吉舎ICからのルートです。中国自動車道経由の方は、三次東インターより尾道・松江道にお入りください。国道184号 →県道28号 → ふれあいロード 県道45号を経由した約17km、20分程度のルートです。

 ①Make a right turn at Kisa IC exit and head to National Highway 184

②Turn right from Route 184 to Route 28

Enter the diagonal right road in front of the green overpass.

③ From Route 28, turn right at the Oguni Otsubo intersection to go to Fureai Road

Oguni Otsubo is a crossroad with a traffic light. After turning right, follow the road for about 2km.

④ Turn right from Fureai Road to Route 45

This is the way to Miyoshi. Once you’ve arrived here, it will only be a little more til you arrive at the destination.

⑤ After about 2 minutes, turn left and you will arrive at the Flower village Hana Yume no Sato.

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